Ms. Best, Established in 1998 running our jewelry factory in the Jewelry Industrial Zone, Guangzhou, China, We export our jewelry to worldwide Market. Also as a Jewelry supplier and wholesaler to our customers from America, European Union etc.

Jewelry Designers

Sterling silver Designer Jewelry, all our jewelry is created by our talented designers.

Most of our designer are well educated in the jewelry designing course.

Also they are in jewelry business with designing experience for many years.

Designers Jewelry bracelet
woman tennis bracelet with adjustable length, for more info , please email us at sales(at)
Sterling silver Designer Jewelry
man or woman band for wedding ring please email us at sales(at)

Our designers well understand the trends of every season of every year for worldwide markets, so they can design the popular styles as customers need.

Our factory produce these new and original designs with perfect craftsmanship and quality.

Sterling silver Designer Jewelry, including Antique Silver, 925 Silver in fine gold coated.

Every style is unique and fashionable. what’s more, we can also design for our customers according to their ideas or manuscript.

Sterling silver Designer Jewelry women ring
Tri-color gemstone ring for woman , with emeral, amythest, diamond zircon stones
Sterling silver Designer Jewelry wedding band
diamond zirconia sterling silver ring for woman
white gold coated on sterling silver, same looks as find gold jewelry ring.

To contact our design to discuss co-operation, please email us at

Accessories and jewelry designs courses are art, Contemporary Art Jewellery, because each piece of jewellery is a unique piece, made from precious or alternative materials, make it a work of art.

As good jewelry designers, they should have the ability to create and prototype a complete jewellery piece with silver metals or other materials,

Our talented designers create and discover the wonderfulness of precious metals, color stones of natural stones etc.

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