Yellow gold pearl pendant necklace women jewelry

Sterling silver pearl pendant necklace in gold plated.


yellow gold pearl pendant necklace
yellow gold pearl pendant necklace
How to distinguish the true from the false of pearls?
  • With your eyes: pearls have natural colorful light. In a necklace, their size and shape will also be different.
  • Touch it with your hand: is it greasy or clear? Is it warm or cold? Pearl hands feel cool.
  • Bite with your mouth: If you can’t recognize it, bite with your mouth. The real pearl feels like sand, but the glass ball can’t bite.
  • Real pearls are gently scraped with pearl powder with a knife. The imitation pearl scrapes off only a layer of skin.
Sterling silver pearl jewelry
Sterling silver pearl necklace in rhodium plated
Which pearls are of high value?
  • 1. Beihai Pearl
  • 2. Tahiti Pearl
  • 3. Nanyang Golden Pearl
  • 4. Japanese akoya pearl
yellow gold white pearl pendant
yellow gold white pearl pendant sterling silver jewelry in gold plated.

Among natural pearls, there are few round pearls, most of which are irregular round or pear shaped. The rounder the selected pearls are, the higher their value and the more valuable they are for collection.

Purple pink pearl pendant necklace
pink pearl pendant necklace sterling silver jewelry

Pearls have rich colors. The value of colors from high to low are red, pink, gold, black, peacock blue and white

Black pearl pendant for women
Black pearl pendant necklace in yellow gold

The pearl jewelrydesigns can also be varied, such as the cute ones for sweet dates, the elegant designs for banquets, and the grand ones for daily attendance. The versatile ones can help you get on the trend.


Online Jewelry shop business
Online Jewelry shop business

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