Women gold bangle bracelet designer Jewelry

Yellow gold or silver bangle bracelets for women


Women gold bangle bracelet designer jewelry manufacturer

Women gold bangle bracelet
Women gold bangle bracelet jewelry

18k gold or sterling silver bangle customizable, pave-set diamond zirconia stone.


women bangles design gold
women bangles design gold or silver optional

We have many bestsellers women’s bangles online hotsales by our customers’ jewelry stores, Women gold bangle bracelet, silver or gold optional for customized orders.

bangles design gold
bangles design gold and silver jewelry

this bangle closure type is Slide Lock Clasp which is easiest to put on and off.

It is openable with very safe lock which is durable quality


Bangle size chart
Measure your bangle size correctly
How to measure my bangle size?

If you already have a bangle, you need to measure the inside diameter and compare with the below bangle size chart.

bangle size chart
measure your bangle size

Tips for you to keep in mind before buying gold bangles/bracelets.

It is always better to buy bangles with a bit larger size(1/2 to 3/4 inches) than the size of your wrist. so it is easy and comfortable to wear them.

Use a silk or crepe material by covering your hand to slide down the bangles easily.

If you are buying online and unsure about your right bangle size, to buy the designs with openable bangle closures. They are adjustable and easy to wear.

If you want to buy a diamond bangle for regular wear, make sure that the diamonds are of higher quality and grade. Choose a setting that is durable and not too complex.

while buying gold bangles, make sure to get an appropriate jewelry box for the same to maintain the bangle shape. A durable and decent quality box would keep the bangles safe from damage.


Jewelry boxes
Luxury Jewelry boxes


Ms.Best Silver Jewelry box

Ms.Best is a well-known jewelry brand from China with good reputation for its designs, quality and service.

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