White gold floral necklace for wedding jewelry pendant

Youthful, sweet and romantic pendant necklace jewelry style


White gold floral necklace is ideal for wedding occasions as brides and bridesmaids.
White gold floral necklace
White gold floral necklace for wedding jewelry

Why do many young ladies or girls choose a floral necklace wearing on wedding party, or as daily statement jewelry.

It symbolizes the beauty of love, it is youthful with enthusiastic personality,


Floral pendant necklace silver
Floral pendant necklace silver s925 women jewelry for wedding

The flowers and leaves are always the favorite theme of fashion designers,  which inspired by nature, probably because people always love the wonderful nature with countless lovely lives, plants and animals.

Flower pendant necklace silver
Flower pendant necklace silver or gold customizable
What are the popular elements of jewelry?

From the growing enthusiasm of early naturalism to the luxury jewelry in its heyday, Baroque jewelry art has spanned hundreds of years in history.

Even if it gradually turned into the sweet and romantic rococo jewelry style at the end of the 17th century, it never stepped out of the historical stage.

Later, the baroque pearls commonly seen in Rene Laligue, Queen Victoria’s favorite bowknot vintage jewellery, also showed that the baroque style would never end.

So what design elements of the Baroque period are still hot over centuries?
  • The jewelry designs of cross and bow.
  • Exotic flowers and rare herbs or leaves
  • Chandeliare earrings and pendants.


necklace length chart
How to choose the length of a necklace.
How to Choose the Right Necklace Length for youself or your loved ones?

Please refer to the necklace size chart above, you can find the correct necklace length to match the seasons and clothes, it is always better to buy a necklace with adjustable length.


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Ms.Best Jewelry Brand box


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