Blue Topaz Women Statement rings S925 Sterling silver jewelry

Birth stone Blue Topaz Women Statement rings S925 Sterling silver jewelry


Blue Topaz Women Statement rings S925 Sterling silver jewelry,

Ordinary topaz is colorless in its natural state, although trace element impurities will make it pale blue or golden brown to yellowish orange.

Topaz is usually heated or irradiated to form dark blue, red orange, light green, pink or purple.

Blue Topaz Women Statement rings
Blue Topaz Women Statement rings sterling silver jewelry
How to choose a ring for wedding,

Also this design is a cocktail ring or statement ring instead of wedding band, we have many other designs which are for wedding jewelry.

To choose the ideal wedding rings.

You need decide which style or design you like. it is better to match the engagement ring you already have.

Having a diamond carats and gold color in mind according to your budgets.

It is always be better to buy a certified jewelry from Famous Jewelry Brand althought it is more costive.

To choose the correct size and wear it comfortably.


Blue Topaz statement ring
Blue Topaz statement ring sterling silver s925 jewelry for women
What is a statement ring

Statement rings also called cocktail rings but not exactly same thing,  people to wear statement rings is to express their social status such as wealth, achievements, marital status, or just or draw attentions.

Usually speacking, the statement ring is bigger, more colorful and stylish than wedding and engagement rings, showing the taste of the wearer or tell the story of the wearer.

cocktail rings

Blue topaz gem stone jewelry
Sterling silver jewelry Blue topaz gem stone jewelry
What is promise ring, and what it means.

The tradition of giving promise rings can be traced back to ancient times, when rings with romantic verses were exchanged as symbols and promises of love. Nowadays, this usually means a couple’s commitment to each other or a declaration of monogamy, especially if they have been dating for some time.

Promise rings are gifted and worn as an external symbol of commitment and loyalty to your lover.

In the simplest terms, a commitment ring is to exchange solemn vows and pledges. It shows the world that your heart belongs to your lover and that you are committed to protecting and nurturing this relationship. Nowadays, promise rings are the most common sign of engagement, but this is not the case.

women's statement rings
Fine jewelry sterling silver women’s statement rings
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