Statement chandelier earrings dangles women cocktail jewelry

Clip-on and other non pierced earrings can be produced for your customized order.


Statement chandelier earrings dangles for women party jewelry.

With pin and clip on ear back.

Silver Statement earrings dangles
Silver Statement earrings dangles birthstone long earring

This color stone pierced dangle earring is attached to the ear with a pin/thin wire passing through the earlobe.

It can also be designed with a small hook at the back, or with French hook design.

Woman gemstone Chandelier earring
Woman gemstone Chandelier earring silver s925 jewelry

The Stone colors are optional for customized orders, so you can just tell us what stone you perfer.

The pin or the wire passes through the earlobe piercing with a sterling silver earring back,



Color stone statement dangle earring
Color stone statement dangle earring for women

This style of Chandelier earring dangles have an appearance similar to that of chandeliers, dangles below the ear, although it looks as drop earring.

Cocktail jewelry dangle earring
Cocktail jewelry dangle earring

Statement chandelier earrings dangles is ideal for any occasion, especially for party as cocktail jewelry.

As wedding jewelry, a statement earrings with a longer drop is perfect choice.

We have hundreds of new style of earrings of the day,

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