Silver Handmade women brooch of the day designer jewelry

Designer jewelry trendy brooches of the day silver pearl in gold filled jewelry factory.


Silver Handmade women brooch

pearl brooch S925 silver Jewelry
Pearl brooch S925 silver Jewelry for women

Ms.Best Brand Jewelry Designer creates many styles of brooches and pins for women.

Silver brooches with pearl
Silver brooches with pearl jewelry for women

We have hundreds of designs of classic, contemparory, vintage and antique women’s brooches.

Brooches with swarovski or pearls and birthstones, nice jewelry accessory for dress and wedding party.

women brooches for wedding jewelry
Women brooches for wedding jewelry

Silver Handmade women brooch with fine gold filled, Pavé-Set diamond cubic zircon with same handcraftmanship and fine gold jewelry.

Wedding brooches for women
Wedding brooches for women silver jewelry

Brooches with gold filled

What is the difference between gold filled and gold plated.

Gold-filled jewelry has much thicker gold than gold plated, because that layer is so much thicker, gold-filled jewelry lasts much longer than gold plated.

Because gold filled jewelry consume more gold, the cost is much higher than gold plated.

Our jewelry use fine sterling silver with gold filled, same craftmanship and quality as fine diamond jewelry.


Ms.Best Jewelry Brand box
Ms.Best Jewelry Brand box

Ms.Best is a well-known jewelry brand from China with good reputation for its designs, quality and service.

For more designs, please visit our instagram photos. or our website page best sellers. or twitter us .

Any enquiry, please feel free to write us or click our contact page.


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