S925 silver Emerald Earring tassels for brides wedding jewelry

Tassel earring with birthstone and diamond for wedding jewelry.

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S925 silver Emerald Earring with diamond, statement earring with tassels, designer jewelry for brides or bridemates wedding party.

S925 silver Emerald Earring
S925 silver Emerald Earring for women

Sterling silver in white gold coated, lab-grown gems emerald with diamond tassels, luxury at affordable cost for all market.

Emerald gemstone tassel earring
Emerald gemstone tassel earring with diamond

Customised order acceptable, so the stone colors are optional for your order.

This is pierced earring with sterling silver pin, we can also use other non-pierced parts such as:
  1. Clip-on earrings
  2. Magnetic earrings
  3. Stick-on earrings
  4. Spring hoop earrings
  5. Ear hook earrings
  6. The hoop
  7. Ear screws
  8. Ear cuffs
Silver pierced dangle earrings
Silver pierced dangle earrings for women

In worldwide markect, wearing tassel earrings became more and more fashionable among English courtiers and gentlemen.

Brides wedding earring jewelry
Brides wedding earring jewelry sterling silver

Ms.Best Jewelry Designer and Manufacturer, we created thousands designs of earrings, From timeless Pearls to statement Chandeliers, from wedding earrings for modern brides to stud earring for daily wearring.

Jewelry boxes
Luxury Jewelry boxes

Ms.Best is a well-known jewelry brand from China with good reputation for its designs, quality and service.

For more designs, please visit our instagram photos.

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Any enquiry, please feel free to write us sales@jewelryrich.com or click our contact page.


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