Ruby eternity wedding band designer engagement ring.

Ruby and sapphire eternity wedding band designer jewelry bridal and engagement rings.


Ruby eternity wedding band women bridal and engagement jewelry.

Ruby eternity wedding band
Ruby eternity wedding band sterling silver jewelry in white gold filled.

Lab created ruby princess cut diamond eternity wedding band, with white gold filled on sterling silver, which looks same as fine luxurious jewelry for bridal and wedding ring.

Ruby and diamond ring for women
Wedding gemstone spinel ring

Ruby and diamond ring for women

What is ruby gemstone?

Ruby is a pink to blood red gem. Ruby is one of the most popular gemstone for both traditional and contempary jewelry, it is very durable,

Some gemstones that people called them rubies, such as the black pinces ruby, it is actually spinels.

gemstone wedding ring for women
Gemstone wedding ring for women bridal jewelry

Ruby is value is depends mostly on its color.

The quality of a ruby is determined by its color, cut, clarity and weight,

The brightest and most valuable red ruby, called blood red or pigeon blood, has a higher price than other rubies of similar quality.

wholesale jewelry manufacturer
Designer and wholesale jewelry manufacturer
What is the difference between ruby and pink sapphire?

Generally speaking, all kinds of red (including pink) gem grade corundum are called rubies.

However, in the United States, if you call it ruby, it must meet the minimum color saturation; Otherwise, this stone is pink sapphire.


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