Women Sterling silver rings princess cut zirconia diamond

Princess cut engagement rings Sterling silver in white gold plated cubic zirconia diamond cut birth stone jewelry gift for girls


princess cut engagement rings

Stone Cut.

This princess cut engagement rings white gold wedding ring in solid sterling silver.

In order to get the best brightness, we use the most brilliant cubic zirconia with princess cut as fine diamonds.

Because of its square shape with pointed corners, it looks very dazzling, so princess diamonds are a classic option for most occasion.

princess cut engagement rings Sterling silver jewelry
Sterling silver princess cut engagement rings in white gold coated

Silver in rhodium.

Because Rhodium is a very expensive and precious metal, rhodium plating is often used on Sterling silver jewelry to creat reflective appearance.

As it belongs to the platinum metal family and harder than gold, so Rhodium on jewelry provides more durable surface which resists scratches.

Because of its maximum brilliance, princess cut is a diamond cut shape often used in engagement rings.

Zirconia with Princess cut are truly distinctive, due to their 90 degree angles and most sparkling facets.


Sterling silver women ring with princess cut zirconia
Sterling silver women ring with princess cut zirconia

Since it is the best metal for plating, Sterling silver jewelry in rhodium plating, having the exact same look as fine white gold or platinum jewelry.


Because jewellery craftsmanship is a precise artistry, immortalising the beauty of nature,

In our jewelry factory, we have big group of the talented jewelry craftspeople create best quality and luxurious look as fine gold jewelry.

S925 women stacking rings
S925 women stacking rings engagement rings for girlfriend

Ms. Best Jewelry, Most famous jewelry brand, our Jewelry is crafted by our exquisite team of best skilled jewelers,

Most of our Jewelers have been working exclusively in our jewelry factory over 10 years.

Brand Jewelry box
Ms.Best Silver Jewelry box

Quality Control.

To ensure every piece of our jewelry with finest quality, our QC team inspects every piece at each production process.

Includes wax injection, casting, filing, stone setting, polishing, plating, packaging etc.

Ms.Best is a well-known jewelry brand from China with good reputation for its designs, quality and service.

For more designs, please visit our instagram photes.

Any enquiry, please feel free to write us sales@jewelryrich.com or click our contact page.


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