Opal ring wedding band 18k yellow or rose gold optional


Opal wedding band 18k yellow gold


18k yellow gold opal ring band
18k yellow gold opal ring wedding band statement stackable ring
What is opal?  is opal gem stone?

As gems for jewelry use, most opal is cut and polished to cabochon shape.  Natural opal refers to polished stones consisting wholly of precious opal. Opals too thin to produce a “Natural” opal may be combined with other stones to form compound gems.

An opal doublet consists of a relatively thin layer of precious opal, backed by a layer of darker color stone, such as ironstone, onyx or obsidian.

The darker backing results in a more attractive display for the opal than itself without backing.

women opal band yellow gold jewelry
yellow gold opal ring for women

To protect the opal itself, a clear quartz or plastic is usually layered on its top to form an opal triplet,

the top protective layer magnifies the beautiful color of the opal.

18k gold opal wedding band ring
18k gold opal wedding band ring

The name OPAL is said that comes from Sanskrit word “upala”which means precious jewelry, also it is believed to be derived from Greek word derivative opállios means stone with colorful changes.


18k rose gold opal ring
Opal ring band for women rose gold optional.

Synthetic or cultured opals are lab-created opals that have the same chemical composition, internal structure, physical properties, and appearance as natural opals

Unisex rose gold ring
opal rose gold jewelry women wedding band

Synthetic opals colors often looks more beautiful than many of natural grecious opals.

Most genuine previous opals have an irregularity in apperance.

Women finger ring opal jewelry

women opal ring bandLab-grown opals looks almost same as natural opal, even well-trained gemologists can hardly distinguish between them.

But sellers has the obligation to indicate whether it is natural or synthetic.Brand Jewelry box

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