Jadeite Silver S925 Earring-studs for women fine jewelry

Nephrite and jadeite jewelry earring studs for women


Jadeite Silver S925 Earring-studs fine jewelry trendy earring.

Jadeite Silver S925 Earring-studs
Sterling Silver S925 Jade studs earring for women.
What is jade ?

As a general term for nephrite and jadeite, Jade is usually used as jewelry and decorations.

Although some are yellow and white, most are green..

In Chinese dictionaries, jade is often used to describe all beautiful people or things.

For example, the words that describe people with jade include jade appearance, jade face, jade maiden, graceful as jade.


Jade Silver S925 stud earring for women
Jade Silver S925 stud earring wholesale Jewelry factory.

The national spirit represented by “jade” In Chinese culture, jade is a symbol of good character. People like to use jade character to describe people’s spiritual demeanor.

The gentleman’s temperament of “being as gentle as jade”,

the tolerant spirit of “turning swords into jade”

Jade looks gentle and mellow, but its essence is firm and rigid.

It coincides with the realm of moral pursuit of gentlemen among people.

Jade Silver S925 stud earring

Jade Silver S925 earring studs wholesale jewelry

Wearing jade has the effect of beauty, mainly because the trace elements rich in jade can have a certain impact on the human body and make the skin white and healthy.

This Jadeite Silver S925 Earring-studs is very nice with exquisite workmanship.

Wearing and using jade articles frequently, (such as jade bracelets, necklaces, rings, jade mats, jade pillows, etc.) has many advantages for the skin of meridians and blood vessels due to the friction between skin and acupoints.

Wearing Jade Jewelry, its function as pressing and massaging, which helps blood circulation.

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