Fresh-water pearl ear studs Sterling silver earring for women

Cultured pearl earring studs with sterling silver pins and earring backs.


Fresh-Water pearl ear studs is very simple and popular jewelry among trendy fashion.

Fresh-water pearl ear studs
Fresh-water pearl ear studs Sterling silver earring with cultured pearls

Since ancient times, pearl has been regarded as a synonym for wealth, and pearl, together with tridacna, agate, crystal, coral, amber and musk, has been called the Seven Treasures of Buddhism.


Purple Natural pearl earring Sterling silver
Fine pearl ear studs Sterling silver earring studs for woman

Pearls symbolize roundness and perfection.

because of this, in ancient times, Chinese people liked to present pearls as a token of happiness when they married.

Yellowish Round pearl earring studs.
Yellow natural pearl earstuds silver jewelry

As birth stone of June, Natural pearls are regarded as the lucky stone of June’s birthday.

With its beautiful and pure quality, pearl has become a synonym for people’s many beautiful virtues

Fresh-water white pearl earring studs
Sterling silver pearl earring studs for girls
What’s the deffirence between cultured pearls and natural pearls.

Cultured pearls are usually round and the pearl body is uniform, while natural pearls are often irregular round and the pearl body is uneven.

There are more large grains of cultured pearls and fewer large grains of natural pearls.

Cultured pearls have loose texture and weak luster, while natural pearls have fine texture and better luster.

The inner core of cultured pearls is artificially made, and the inner core of natural pearls is mostly quartz particles

fine jewelry round pearl earring stud
Sterling silver s925 fine jewelry round pearl earring stud

During pearl culture, the core that people place is generally round, so its bead body is round and even.

Pearl color

Besides the factors of the pearl growth environment, the formation of pearl color is related to the kind of mother shell that nurtures it.

The pearl color is also mainly determined by the microelements absorbed during its natural formation.

It is precisely because of the different proportions of trace elements that the newly harvested pearls have different colors

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