Opal rings black rhodium coated statement women rings.

Black rhodium Opal rings for women statement jewelry, set with colorful rainbow cubic zirconia


Opal rings black rhodium coated statement women rings.

The ring is set with a solitaire solitaire diamond zirconia colorful rainbow, shinning brilliant illusion.

Black Rhodium women rings with Opal
Opal women statement rings with black rhodium coated.

The center stone color is optional and size is Customizable too.

The rainbow center stone and the opals inlayed on the ring band complement each other.

Opal rings black rhodium coated statement women rings
Opal statement women rings
What is Black rhodium?

Black rhodium is a precious metal and a member of the platinum group.

Black Rhodium doesn’t tarnich due to its good durability, it doesn’t turn skin green,  it also resist scratches and corrosion.

opal statement rings for women
opal rings for women personalised Jewelry

Jewelries in Black rhodium is being loved by more and more fashionable women.

It is also an ideal choice for those who have taste to express personality and pursue fashion.

How to choose a statement ring?

For example, the color and style between Jewelry and clothing should complement each other,

Therefore, the choise of jewelries for work or parties should depends no the occasion. When you go to work, it is better to choose a simple or minimalist statement ring.

Go to the party, you can wear the jewelry rings of exaggerated designs to show the luxurious atmosphere and distinctive personality.


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